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We believe in team work and mutual benefit where our employees, customers and suppliers are benefited. Our staffs are professional, steadfast, sociable and ready to serve customers with respect, honesty and politeness.

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General Objective

Our Vision, Mission and Values

To avail the Ethiopian market by purchasing, preparing and distributing pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, equipment and other products.

Tedmak’s vision is to become a renowned and respected supplier of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals by long term transform to manufacturing and contribute its role in the market growth of the sector.
Tedmak Import Trade in Medical Equipments operate with a mission by focusing on satisfying its customers in believing that customersare the king’s assets where our professional staff strives to realize.
Tedmak’s values rest in it's vision and missions that brings its customers at the center of our service, our professional staff and the management team believes in Customers loyalty, Render quality products and services, Efficiency, Being Ethical, Honesty, Civility.

Our Services

We operate in all regions of the territory of Ethiopia and deliver products promptly in order to satisfy the esteemed customer in general and discovering new potential in regard to our supplies with the newly adaptive technologies.

  • Installation and Shipping
    Complete service for medical equipment installation and shipping services.
  • Spare parts
    We supply a variety of spare parts, supplies, and accessories used in the medical device industry.
  • Training
    Training services equips health professionals and biomedical engineers.
  • Technical Support
    We want to help you get the most out of our products.
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